How to Custom Design Unique Engagement Rings

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The dedicated staff at Preusser Jewelers wants you to have the best experience possible.  Our relaxed no pressure approach will help you choose the piece you want your loved one to have, including a custom-made engagement ring that showcases their style. 

Start With the Diamond and Gemstones

Let’s face it. A unique engagement ring is all about the diamond, or gem that is going in the center.  Ask as many questions as you like!  

Create the Setting

The gemstone’s size and shape will often determine the number of prongs needed to hold the stone properly.  Lifestyle is also considered!

Choose the Type of Metal

Preusser Jewelers can create unique engagement rings from white, yellow or rose gold, or platinum. White gold and platinum enhance the shine of diamonds, while yellow and rose gold add a warm tone on the skin.

Custom Design

Once you have your design in mind, our expert jeweler will create a 3D CAD rendering of your unique engagement ring. You get to see what it looks like before we make it! Then, we make a physical mold of the ring to ensure that it is what you want. The hard part comes next: waiting to see the finished ring! Rest assured, we want you to be happy with our work. Intricate pieces may take longer, but the result will leave you breathless! 

Contact Preusser Jewelers to Make a Unique Engagement Ring

Preusser Jewelers is Michigan’s oldest jeweler. Our expert craftspeople work with you every step of the way to create the perfect, unique engagement ring for you. Contact Preusser Jewelers or stop by our showroom in Grand Rapids for more information.