How We Define High-End Jewelry

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At Preusser Jewelers, we don’t sell just any kind of jewelry. We specialize in truly fine jewelry for our clients.  Our sales floor is filled with delightful treasures made of quality diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, and other gems.  Looking for the perfect engagement ring or wedding band? We have them!

Defining High-End Jewelry

The jewelry industry has no set rules for defining high-end jewelry. However, some standards apply. Look for precious metals, such as gold (14Kt. minimum), platinum, and sterling silver. They must be ethically sourced, well-made pieces, and the diamonds and gems must be well cut, matched, and set properly into the design. 

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Diamonds: In a Class by Themselves

Diamonds are in a class by themselves when it comes to fine jewelry.  Whether the diamond is small or large, you will know exactly what you are considering purchasing. We will explain in a transparent way, what you are looking at, and what grade it is. 

Occasions for High-End Jewelry

Fine jewelry doesn’t have to be reserved for parties or special occasions. Our jewelry designers do offer many designs, and can cater to customers with an active lifestyle, and create low-profile settings for fine jewelry that make it perfect for everyday wear.

Up-scale Jewelry From Preusser Jewelers

Everything we carry at Preusser Jewelers is beautifully designed and crafted. We can find you the diamond ring of your dreams, appraise your collection, or design custom jewelry with you. Jewelry purchased from us will come with an appraisal at no charge. Stop by our showroom in Grand Rapids.