Learn About Timeless Engagement Rings for Couples

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Check out these styles of engagement rings for couples at Preusser Jewelers. We have plenty of choices in our showroom in Grand Rapids!


The classic definition of a solitaire engagement ring is quite simple. It is a single diamond (any shape) mounted on a plain, usually slender band.


Halo engagement rings have a diamond or gemstone mounted in the middle, usually surrounded by diamonds.  The center stone can be any shape or size. The stones that make up the halo should be set right next to the main stone without any gaps.  

Three Stone

Three-stone engagement rings have been around for over 100 years. Usually, the center stone is slightly larger than the ones framing it. The three stones will often be the same shape, but not always. There are many combinations that can be quite beautiful, like an oval in the center with a pear shape on each side. The pears are set horizontally, so the point is facing out. Also, you can combine diamonds and gems. For example, have a diamond set in the center and flanked by rubies. You can imagine all the combinations!


Marquise Diamonds are making a comeback! Sometimes our clients call them diamonds that are shaped like footballs! They also look larger than round diamonds even though they weigh the same. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, marquise-shaped diamonds were the most popular shape after round diamonds. When cut beautifully, they are exquisite and can make a shorter finger look longer and slimmer.

Engagement Rings at Preusser Jewelers

Stop by Preusser Jewelers in Grand Rapids to review our wide selection of classic, modern, and stunning engagement rings. If we don’t have something that wows you, our in-house jeweler can design a beautiful ring just for you. Contact Preusser Jewelers for more details on what we can do!