Our Services

Along with carrying top-tier fine jewelry from popular designers, Preusser Jewelers offers other services, such as custom designs, an in-house studio, jewelry consignment, and jewelry appraisal.

Designer Collections

At Preusser Jewelers in Grand Rapids, MI, we are pleased to bring you timeless pieces from some of the nations top designers of bridal jewelry, fashion jewelry, and one of a kind designs.

Custom Designs

We can create custom pieces for you and design a setting to fit your loose diamond or gems. We design everything from bridal jewelry to fine earrings and necklaces.

Michael M necklace
Jewelry box full of yellow gold fine jewelry pieces

Jewelry Consignment and Liquidation

If you are looking to sell your fine jewelry, diamonds, or gemstones, you can put them on consignment with us, or liquidate them quickly for a fair and competitive price.

Jewelry Appraisals

There are many types of appraisals. The most common is for home-owner’s or renter’s coverage for loss, theft, and damage. We also do appraisals for estate or tax purposes. Fair market value is another type. All of these will give a piece different values. Please contact us for more information.

Jewelry appraiser examining a ring

News and Information

For industry updates and information about selecting fine jewelry and gemstones, visit our blog.