How to Match Your Skin Tone With Fine Jewelry Choices

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Here at Preusser Jewelers, we know that the same piece of jewelry looks a little different on every person. Why? Certain gems and metals can better set off certain skin tones. 

By knowing what is best for your skin type, you can purchase fine jewelry with more confidence, knowing that the final result will be great. 

Determine Your Skin Tone First

Preusser Jewelers can help you determine what color gold looks best on you. Although your skin’s surface color may change due to sun exposure, rosacea, or extreme temperatures, your background color will always be the same. You can try on the various karats of gold in yellow and rose. White gold and platinum will be the tone of bright silver. 

Fine Jewelry to Match Your Skin Tone

Here at Preusser Jewelers, we’ll discover the best fine jewelry that matches your skin tone and looks fantastic on you!

Yellow Gold. If your skin has warm tones, yellow gold may look best. Its rich, soft tones will perfectly complement your skin. Pair your yellow gold with champagne diamonds, citrine, peridot, rubies, chocolate topaz, and garnet for a perfect and charming look. 

Rose Gold. Rose gold, with its pinkish hue due to copper, can match warm and cool skin tones. It is very suitable for people with olive and pink undertones and rich medium tones of brown to darkest brown look amazing in rose.  

Platinum. Platinum (which is white)  is best for cool and pinker skin tones, and darker tones.  To complete your look, wear platinum jewelry set diamonds (of course!) or really any color gem! 

Fine Jewelry at Preusser Jewelers

If you’re looking to purchase a piece of fine jewelry and aren’t sure of the best fit for you, call us at Preusser Jewelers at 616-458-1425 and it would be our honor to help you find the perfect piece!