When Is the Best Time to Buy Bridal Jewelry for a Summer Wedding?

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The big day has been set for summer, and you found the perfect dress. Now, your focus moves to bridal jewelry to complement the ensemble. But when is the best time to buy to get exactly what you want? The experts at Preusser Jewelers explain.

When to Buy 

Summertime is the best month to purchase jewelry, according to some reports. But in our opinion, try to complete your wedding purchases at least 2 months ahead, so you can cross those “to do’s” off your list.   We still have couples come in a week before the big day and want to custom design bands!  Or if you are doing wedding gifts for each other, and it may need to be special ordered, all these things can take easily over 4 weeks to complete. 

Remember, the big day is huge and very important!  But your wedding jewelry

will be the tangible pieces you will wear for a lifetime!  Plan ahead, so you can have exactly what you both want will reduce the stress.

Before You Go 

It is always a good idea to determine how much you want to spend, before venturing out to make such an important purchase. Buying jewelry is no different. 

What to Buy 

What type of jewelry are you looking to purchase? This will determine the amount you spend, and in some cases, availability. 

Gemstones. There are many types of gemstones.  Rarity, quality and size are some of the things that will affect the price of a stone. We showcase only color gemstones that come from the earth. We have many beautiful stones which will make your eyes sparkle.

Pearls. Like gemstones, there are many varieties of pearls! To name just a few, there are natural pearls, cultured, akoya, freshwater, mabe’, south seas, and Tahitian!  All beautiful, and different from each other. Stop in to find out more!

Diamonds. Often called ‘a girl’s best friend’, diamonds have remained a constant force in jewelry regardless of trends. When shopping for diamond bridal jewelry, keep in mind the 4 C’s: cut color, clarity, and carat weight, all will affect the price.  Check out our gem guide for more information.,

Regardless of what you choose to buy, bridal jewelry should be something that makes you feel beautiful on your special day while enhancing your overall look. Keep in mind that these could be pieces you will hand down to your children, and grandchildren!

Custom Pieces

If you are looking to design a custom wedding band, you need to add in extra time. With our professional in-house studio, Preusser Jewelers can craft the ring or bridal jewelry of your dreams. Our designs usually take 4-6 weeks from start to finish, and we keep you involved through the entire process!

Bridal Jewelry in Grand Rapids

We offer a large selection of jewelry for weddings, including engagement rings, bridal jewelry, and more.  Contact us online or call 616-458-1425 for more details on what we offer! We are located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan!