Our Guide to the Beauty of Rose Gold Rings and Jewelry

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Rose gold is known for its soft pink color. It’s a fabulous metal that adds warmth to your ensemble, and it goes well with warm and cool skin tones. Take a look at our guide to rose gold rings and jewelry from Preusser Jewelers for our take on this stylish precious metal. 

History of Rose Gold

Carl Faberge first used rose gold in the early 1800s when he crafted his beautiful Faberge eggs. Rose gold gained prominence in America during the Roaring ‘20s as women wore it with engagement rings and fine jewelry. Louis Cartier helped bring about the rose gold revolution when the jeweler created the Trinity Ring, three simple bands of three gold colors intertwined with each other, in 1924.

Composition of Rose Gold

Rose gold isn’t just made of traditional yellow gold. Jewelers combine yellow gold with copper and silver to achieve varying shades of pink. The depth of color depends on the ratio of copper to yellow gold. Less yellow gold and more copper create a reddish color. 14K rose gold leans more towards the rose pink side because it has less yellow in it than 18K rose gold. Jewelers normally start with 24K yellow gold and add copper and silver. A ring with 33% copper and 8% silver has a lush red color. Alloys with 22% copper and 3% silver give off a champagne-pink hue with yellow-gold undertones.

Rose gold is stylish, but it’s also stronger than pure gold. Pure 24K gold is much too soft to be used in jewelry. Adding metals, such as copper and silver, makes the gold more stout.

rose gold wedding ring

How to Wear Rose Gold 

Tri-color rings, with yellow, white, and rose gold, have been trending for years now. Consider this type of ring when you want to complement gold tops, silver shoes, or a copper necklace. Rose gold also pairs well with sterling silver, yellow gold, platinum, and white gold jewelry. 

In terms of colors in your ensemble, consider neutral colors like navy, white, black, beige, and cream. Deep blue and deep green are also excellent choices, so get ready for sapphires or emeralds!

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