Preusser Jewelers Highlights June’s Birthstones

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June is here, and it’s getting warmer in Michigan. The sun is out, people are heading to the lake, and it’s time to get outside! June is also a great time to look at birthstones for people born this month. Preusser Jewelers showcases June’s birthstones. 


Pearls are always in style. They’re the only precious gem that comes from an animal rather than a mineral. Pearls have been prized for millennia, dating back to Ancient China and Rome. Pearls look great for any formal occasion! We also have some very cool fashion pearl jewelry that would look great with tanks and flip-flops! Look for jewelry that combines pearls with your favorite colored gemstones, such as rubies, emeralds, or sapphires.


Alexandrite is prized for its ability to change color in various types of light. The most stunning alexandrite specimens have a vivid green or bluish-green color in daylight or fluorescent light. When subjected to incandescent light, alexandrite turns an intense red to purple-red color. This gemstone is named after Alexander II of Russia, where a major deposit of the gems was found.

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