Consider Resplendent Rubies in Your Unique Engagement Ring

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Nearly as hard as diamonds, rubies can have various shades and tones of red. These fabulous colored gems were admired by the ancients thousands of years ago! See why we encourage you to consider rubies in your unique engagement ring.

Symbolism of Rubies

Rubies symbolized wealth and social status in many ancient cultures, including India, Thailand, and Myanmar. In fact, many kings wore rubies in their crowns and jewelry as a symbol of their power. 

The rich red of rubies symbolizes love, passion, heat, fire, and an inner light. Many ancient cultures believed rubies emitted their own light because of their ability to reflect light back toward the person looking into the gem. 

Rubies in Today’s World

Anyone can rock a ruby! Unique engagement rings with Rubies add a truly unique elegance to any style of engagement ring or wedding band.  

Rubies & Diamonds Together

Whether you prefer yellow, white, or rose gold in your engagement ring, they all will show the beautiful red tones to become the focal point of your piece. Think about a ruby accented by a circle of small diamonds or a large ruby flanked by two diamonds for a timeless three-stone ring.  

Rubies come in many shapes. If you really want to start the conversation, surround a stunning ruby in the center with black diamonds. The visual effect is amazing!

Unique Engagement Rings at Preusser Jewelers

Stop by Preusser Jewelers in downtown Grand Rapids to see all kinds of unique engagement rings and fine jewelry. We can show you various diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, and jewelry with colored gemstones. We can also help design a custom engagement ring for you! Contact Preusser Jewelers for more info.