Working Out? Follow These Tips for Wearing Your Engagement Ring During Exercise

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Wearing your engagement ring while working out at the gym is a recipe for disaster. The metals used to make engagement rings like gold and platinum are soft compared to steel bars and dumbbells at the gym, which can cause scratching and premature wear and tear on your ring. 

Lifting while wearing your engagement ring can also distort its perfectly round shape, which can sometimes result in loose or missing diamonds. Additionally, if your ring has rhodium plating, working out at the gym will speed up the deterioration of the rhodium, and it may need to be re-plated sooner than you’d prefer.

An engagement ring is a significant investment and an exceptionally meaningful piece of jewelry. To protect it while you’re at the gym, here are a few simple tips from the experts at Preusser Jewelers.

Wear your ring on a chain.

One easy solution is to wear your ring on a small chain around your neck. You’ll want to make sure the chain necklace isn’t too long or heavy; otherwise, it could hinder your workout and become a safety hazard. However, a small, thin chain necklace should make it easy to easily slip your ring off for a workout and keep it safely on your body until you’re done.

Cover your ring with a silicone ring protector.

If you prefer to keep your ring on your finger, you can purchase a silicone ring protector. The silicone ring protector slides right over your ring to cover the gemstone and the band. This prevents any damage caused by metal dumbbells, bars, or other equipment you may be using at the gym.

Wear your ring on your body (but not on your finger).

Storing your ring in a wearable pouch is another way to keep it close without suffering through the discomfort of wearing it while lifting. For example, Ring Hero is known for its sweatband bracelets that fit comfortably and snugly around your wrist. They are made with odor-controlling yarn and have a zipper pocket that will safely store your ring while you work out. 

Wear a Silicone Ring

If you prefer to leave your ring at home when you head to the gym, or you work a physically demanding job (such as being a personal trainer), you can always invest in a silicone ring to wear while you’re at the gym and work. There are a variety of manufacturers that offer different styles, colors, and shapes to choose from. Although wearing your beautiful engagement ring will always be the best option, a silicone ring is ideal for the gym.

Shopping for an Engagement Ring?

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