How to Wear Stackable Rings With Other Pieces of Jewelry

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Jewelry has always been one of the most effective ways to add personal style to any outfit. Moreover, with so many forms of jewelry available, it has never been easier to incorporate these accessories into your style. 

For Preusser Jewelers and fashion enthusiasts alike, stackable rings are the trend we always talk about in our store! The way you can style them is endless. 

What Are Stackable Rings?

Stackable rings can be worn one on top of the other (it can produce a stacking effect). They are generally more refined than independent rings. A slimmer style allows you to stack more freely. 

However, no hard and fast rule says you cannot stack other rings to create the look you want. You have the freedom to do whatever you want! Let it be yours, style your way. There are no rules. However, we have several tips to help you put together your ring stack. 


The rings you choose should suit your personality and style. This means you should choose a style that appeals to you, not a style that you think others will like. This rule applies to all jewelry trends, but because stackable rings have so many personalities, they are especially important here. 


The advantage of stacking rings is that you can be as creative as you want. Want to create a subtle look by stacking smooth, thin ribbons? No problem. Do you want to be colorful by combining three different gems? That is also good. 

Less Is More

Less is more with stackable rings. Select your “declaration” finger (or fingers!) and start your ring stack. But be careful; if you start stacking rings on each finger, things may start to get a bit crowded (not to mention a bit cumbersome!).

We especially like the look of stacking two or three rings on one finger and then stacking a separate ring on the next finger. This creates a beautiful look that can be worn from day to night.  You can be endlessly creative in the order of your stacks!

Mixed Metals

When used correctly, mixed metals can create an attractive appearance. You don’t need to abuse this, but why not try mixing the white gold with rose? Due to the subtle nature of the stacked ring, mixing these metals will not seem too conflicting.

Stackable Rings & Fine Jewelry at Preusser Jewelers

If you’re ready to hop onto this hot trend, come on into Preusser Jewelers, and let us help design your stack today! Our associates are ready to help you pick out a piece that’s perfect for you.